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Scentwork 121s

Scentwork is a great way to stimulate your dog's mind. It is perfect for all breeds and ages, even recovering from injury (vet advice dependant) and disabled dogs.

Scentwork With Abi Toone

£32 for 25 minutes

Abi has been working with Sussex County Dog Training since 2018. She is now a qualified IMDT Dog Trainer & is one of our Scentwork trainers here.


Abi is passionate about the sport as she believes it is great to give the dogs an outlet to use their primary sense.


Abi is able to do Scent 121’s during the week as well as Beginner- Advance classes on a Wednesday evening.

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Scentwork with Anna Coyne

£32 for 25 minutes

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Anna has been working at Sussex County Dog Training for over a decade. She is a qualified Scentwork UK instructor with a wealth of knowledge in scentwork, puppy training and general obedience.


Anna has owned a varied selection of breeds including a lab, German shepherd, Inuit and a border collie.


She has trained thousands of dogs very successfully over the years and her kind approach means she has many devoted customers who return regularly for ongoing training.

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