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Walking your dog can be stress-free when you can master the basics of Recall

BUT there are problems to overcome...

Your dog is easily distracted

Your dog doesn't listen to you

All distractions are far more interesting than YOU and what you've tried so far isn't working.


We understand how you feel, even as dog trainers we have experienced this too

Over the last 6 years we have helped over 7,000 people with training their dogs... So, whats the plan?

dog dig.png

You feel frustrated, embarrassed, annoyed & deflated, it's not fair!

You feed, care & love your dog & they STILL ignore you!


We can help guide you through this journey and you WILL become a super dog trainer.

Your dog WILL listen, WILL find you interesting & WONT get distracted. 

You WILL feel proud, confident & excited to take your dog on a walk knowing they WILL come back EVERY time!


There are 3 easy steps to get you the Perfect Recall...


Access to the course

Watch the videos & learn how you

can train your dog from home



You'll have access to our private Facebook Support Group & Weekly LIVE Q&As


Master That Recall!

Lifetime access to the course, weekly training sessions with a trainer until you are happy with the recall!

Here's what people have been saying about this course...

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Unsure if the online course is for you?

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You'll learn more about the course & gain access to our 5 top tips!

I'm so fed up of my dog not coming back when I call! It's so embarrassing!


He listened, stopped what he was doing and came racing back to me! I love taking my dog for a walk!


Why not join one of our upcoming webinars & get our 5 top recall tips. 

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