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Welcome to our Dog Recall Package – the ultimate solution for strengthening the bond between you and your dog!

Our tailored package includes six 25-minute one-to-one sessions dedicated to honing your dog's recall skills and exclusive access to our premium online school through MyDogHub. 

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We recommend utilising the in-person sessions every two weeks to focus on the mechanics of developing a strong recall, adjusting based on your progress and our stepping stone goals. Complement your training with online courses for comprehensive homework support. 

The MyDogHub Platform provides continuous training between your personalised sessions. Enhance your relationship with your pup by exploring our tricks and scent work courses, along with a variety of mini-courses. The highlight of our package is the live Q&A sessions with our experienced trainers every week, offering invaluable support on your training journey. 

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As a bonus, enjoy 6 x free vouchers for our enclosed fields, ensuring a safe environment to practise and perfect your recall skills. Join us on this exciting adventure of strengthening the connection with your canine companion! 

You WILL feel proud, confident & excited to take your dog on a walk knowing they WILL come back EVERY time!


There are 3 easy steps to get you the Perfect Recall...


Call us to book your Recall Package

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Start your training journey with a personalised plan with our expert trainers



Join MDH Premium and work from home in between sessions. Ask questions on the weekly Live Q&A's

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