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From £30 for 25 minutes

3 121s for £80 (saving £10) prepaid bundle available*
*excludes Miranda & 55 minute 121s

Give your dog a one-on-one training session that caters to their specific needs.

Behaviour Consulting with one of our trainers is where truly effective training is grounded by developing a detailed understanding and profound connection with the individual animal.

These sessions are filled with practical information and experience using kind, effective training techniques.

1-2-1 sessions are a great way to focus on improving your dogs behaviour.

This may include:

  • Recall

  • Barking 

  • Pulling on the lead

  • Jumping up

  • Hunting prey drive or chase habits

  • Managing multiple dog households

  • Dog to dog aggression

  • Dog to human aggression

They can also be great for other sessions such as:

  • Agility

  • Scentwork

  • Flyball

  • Hoopers

Dog Behaviour with Miranda Batterbee

From £40 for 25 minutes

miranda and dig.jpg

Miranda has been working with dogs for over 20 years, the last 12 years she has specialised in solving behaviour issues such as aggression, separation anxiety and obsessive-compulsive behaviours.

Miranda coaches clients from all walks of life and disciplines from pet dogs to competitive sports dogs to therapy dogs with any issues their owners need her help with.

Miranda and SCDT are dedicated to improving relationships between owners and their dogs and improving their lives.
Miranda is a fully qualified member of the Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Behaviourists and Trainers as well as a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers & she continually partakes in ongoing learning.

What our customers are saying:

Obedience & Behaviour with Ashley Kennedy-Antell

£30 for 25 minutes

Ashley is a passionate and enthusiastic dog trainer who has spent several years training assistance dogs for Canine Partners and more recently working as a 1:1 trainer with pet dogs and their owners.

Ashley loves to be able to help owners to better understand their dogs and teach them to work with their dogs strengths.


Ashley is experienced in advanced obedience, dog reactivity towards other dogs and humans, separation anxiety, resource guarding and handling issues.

Behaviour / Obedience / Flyball With Sarah Groom

£30 for 25 minutes


Sarah Groom has been a part of Sussex county dog training since 2016. Initially as a volunteer assistant and now as a full member of the team at the same time as studying for her degree.


Sarah is passionate about all aspects of training and behaviour. She created our Online Canine Enrichment course and this represents an area where she has a vast amount of experience and knowledge from both personal experience and extensive study.

Obedience / Scentwork with Anna Coyne

£30 for 25 minutes

distract & run wistle long line.00_00_20

Anna has been working at Sussex County Dog Training for over a decade. She is a qualified Scentwork UK instructor with a wealth of knowledge in scentwork, puppy training and general obedience.


Anna has owned a varied selection of breeds including a lab, German shepherd, Inuit and a border collie.


She has trained thousands of dogs very successfully over the years and her kind approach means she has many devoted customers who return regularly for ongoing training.

What our customers are saying:

Scentwork With Abi Toone

£30 for 25 minutes

Abi has been working with Sussex County Dog Training since 2018. She is now a qualified IMDT Dog Trainer & is one of our Scentwork trainers here.


Abi is passionate about the sport as she believes it is great to give the dogs an outlet to use their primary sense.


Abi is able to do Scent 121’s during the week as well as Beginner- Advance classes on a Wednesday evening.

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-11 at 19.46.27.jpeg
Agility with Hannah Payne

£30 for 25 minutes

hannah agility pic.jpg

Hannah has been working for us since 2015 and has been doing Agility from a very young age. She has competed for many years at Crufts and internationally for the country in several events.

Hannahs classes currently run throughout the week and she has a passion for teaching Foundation dogs so that she can watch them grow into their future potential.

What our customers are saying:

Gundog with Ali Waterfield-Jones

£30 for 25 minutes

Ali joined our Team in 2022 and teaches our outdoor Gundog Classes and Flyball. She has a vizsla called Brodie, who has inspired her career into dog training. She has a real passion for teaching owners the foundations of positive Gundog training; which improves their steadiness when working around other dogs and distractions, their retrieve skills and they learn to train their dog to the whistle. 

Ali passed her IMDT dog training Assessment and is now an accredited trainer. (Institute of Modern Dog Training), she offers group classes as well as 121's.

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