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£24 for half hour

Give your dog a one-on-one training session that caters to their specific needs. Behavior Consulting with one of our trainers is where truly effective training is grounded by developing a detailed understanding and profound connection with the individual animal. These sessions are filled with practical information and experience using kind, effective training techniques.

Hannah Payne - Agility Instructor

Hannah has been working for us for about 3 and a half years although and has been doing Agility from a very young age. She has competed for many years in the YKC ring at Crufts and internationally for the country in several events.

Hannahs classes currently run on a Tuesday Daytime and she has a passion for teaching Foundation dogs so that she can watch them grow in to their future potential.

Hannah Will be taking on lots of new classes in the not too distant future and will be teaching 121's in foundation through to competition agility from July 2019. 

Miranda Batterbee - Senior Behaviourist

Miranda is a KCAI and APDT accredited instructor. She works closely with the RSPCA on some of their rescue cases and mainly specialises in Dog behaviour.

Miranda is also one of our obedience trainers and teaches regular classes throughout the week at our Aldingbourne branch.

If you would like a 121 to workon any dog behaviour issues please click on the link to book.

Josie Spurling - Senior Agility Instructor/Puppy Co-ordinator

Thinking of doing a Private Agility Lesson?

These sessions are ideal if you are struggling with something in class that you want to perfect, have a worried dog that struggles with other dogs, want half an hour of solid training time or you've got the agility bug that you want to do as much as you can. 

From baby dogs to competition, from weaves and contacts to jump and grid work. Anything can be covered in a private agility lesson. 

Andy Grindlay - Recall/Adolescent dogs and Behaviour

Andy is a member of the IMDT and is excellent with those looking to build a better relationship with their dogs. Do you need a great Recall, better Loose-lead walking, more manners/self control or more in depth training of adolescent behaviours? Andy has a wealth of experience when it comes to problems and challenging behaviours that occur during the early stages of the teenage years and with newly rescued dogs to the family.

Andy is also one of our behaviourist trainers and our senior home visit instructor. He works with dogs struggling with Dog/Dog and Dog/People mild anxieties and can help with exercises and activities to manage these behaviours in and out of the home. 

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