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Gundog 121

The main goal of gundog training at Sussex County Dog Training is to help create steady dogs who enjoy using their natural abilities for enrichment. Owners will be able to progress to a good level although no live game, actual shoots or 'live scenarios' will be available.

Gundog With Ali Waterfield-Jones

£30 for 25 minutes

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-21 at 17.46.58.jpeg

Ali joined our Team in 2022 and teaches our outdoor Gundog Classes and Flyball. She has a vizsla called Brodie, who has inspired her career into dog training. She has a real passion for teaching owners the foundations of positive Gundog training; which improves their steadiness when working around other dogs and distractions, their retrieve skills and they learn to train their dog to the whistle. 

Ali passed her IMDT dog training Assessment and is now an accredited trainer. (Institute of Modern Dog Training), she offers group classes as well as 121's.

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