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The Levels Pathway

Embarking on your dog training journey can be quite challenging at times, but fear not! Over the years, we've meticulously crafted a seamless pathway that creates a transformation from mischievous puppy into a well-mannered adult, ready to accompany you anywhere with pride.


Join us on this exciting adventure, where each small victory is celebrated, and the ultimate reward is a lifelong partnership with a well-trained, joyous companion!

Levels Features

Our training approach hinges on three crucial concepts: "Focus - Impulse Control - Obedience." What sets us apart is the thrilling simplicity of our method—it's ingeniously broken down into numerous bite-sized "stepping stones."

This positive, relationship based method ensures that every step is not only manageable but also immensely rewarding.

With an easy-to-follow curriculum combined with awards, owners and dogs can progress from Foundation through Real Life Dog Training, Out and About Skills and Fun and Games!

Foundations (1).jpg
Real Life Dog Training (1).jpg
out and about (1).jpg
Fun & Games (1).jpg
But wait, there's more!

As you progress along this transformative journey, you won't just witness your dog's growth, but you'll also have the opportunity to earn certificates at key milestones. These certificates aren't just pieces of paper; they symbolise the achievements and milestones you and your dog conquer together, creating a bond that goes beyond mere training.

foundations level 1.jpg
foundations level 2.jpg
foundations level 3.jpg
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REAL LIFE level 1.jpg
real life level 2.jpg
real life level 3.jpg
real life level 4.jpg
out & about level 1.jpg
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out & about level 3.jpg
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FUN & GAMES level 1.jpg
FUN & GAMES level 2.jpg
FUN & GAMES level 3.jpg
FUN & GAMES level 4.jpg
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Impulse Control
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