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American Bully XL
Training & Advice

Information regarding the future change to the law regarding XL Bullies:

We are very happy to keep training XL bullies.


XL bullies who are attending for behavioural issues can continue to attend 121 sessions. After the law changes they will be able to continue to attend if they have been exempt, as long as owners stick to the rules of their exemption.

We will help owners create dogs that will pass the temperament tests and they can book one to ones with Miranda as she has the most experience with banned breeds. She will make sure that the owners are prepared for the restrictions that may be placed on their dogs.

It is important to remember that XL Bullies will only be cleared for exemption if they (and their owners) pass certain tests and if they are neutered. We would advise that all XL owners should have their dogs neutered if possible before the laws change.

~ Miranda Batterbee, SCDT Owner.

If you would like to learn more about the ban that is being put in place, please follow the link below to the RSPCA website.

Click here for further information from RSPCA

What Our Clients Say

Dog Behaviour with Miranda Batterbee

£40 for 25 minutes

miranda and dig.jpg

Miranda has been working with dogs for over 20 years, the last 12 years she has specialised in solving behaviour issues such as aggression, separation anxiety and obsessive-compulsive behaviours.

Miranda coaches clients from all walks of life and disciplines from pet dogs to competitive sports dogs to therapy dogs with any issues their owners need her help with.

Miranda and SCDT are dedicated to improving relationships between owners and their dogs and improving their lives.
Miranda is a fully qualified member of the Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Behaviourists and Trainers as well as a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers & she continually partakes in ongoing learning.

What our customers are saying:

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