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Puppy Social Classes

£5 per session

Puppy social (1).jpg

Bookable socialisation group for puppies aged from 1st vaccination until 20 weeks. If your puppy has only had their 1st vaccination then please carry your puppy from the car into the training hall. The training hall is regularly disinfected making it safe for these puppies to join.

Fun reward-based play on different surfaces, meeting new people, meeting other puppies and an introduction to different and unexpected sounds. The gradual development during your puppies key socialisation period.

A brilliant group session either before or alongside your puppy class.

Puppy Training 121s With Josie Sasse

£30 for 25 mins or 4 for £90 when you book onto our puppy classes

Josie has been with us for 7 years and loves teaching exercises to puppies and adolescent dogs.


She specialises in trick training and agility and loves seeing dogs learn new things!

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