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Puppy Social Classes

£5 per session

Suitable for puppies from 1st vaccination to 20 weeks old.

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These socialisation group sessions are suitable for puppies aged from 1st vaccination until 20 weeks. If your puppy has only had their 1st vaccination, please carry your puppy from the car into the training hall.


Please note the training hall is regularly disinfected making it safe for these puppies to join.

Our structured Puppy Social sessions are based around fun reward-based play on different surfaces, meeting new people, meeting other puppies and an introduction to different and unexpected sounds. 

You will learn how to help your puppy become more confident in new scenarios and how to teach your puppy to have manners when playing.

There is a question and answer section towards the end of your session to give you the chance to speak to the trainer about anything you need help with.

This brilliant group session works perfectly either before or alongside your puppy class.

Puppy Training 121s With Sasha Metzger

£32 for 25 mins or 4 for £90 when you book onto our puppy classes

Sasha has been teaching for over 27 years and has in-depth experience with children and families.  She has been training with IMDT and working for Sussex County Dog Training since 2020. 

Sasha’s passion is puppies, obedience and the fun sport of Hoopers, which enables dogs of all ages and abilities to take part in an interesting and engaging activity.  Sasha is available for 1:2:1s to work on obedience and puppy issues.

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