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Aggression in Dogs

This is a very troubling thing to observe, be part of and try to rectify.

This seminar covers all areas of aggression from common causes to solutions. 

A journey that will touch on neuro-science for the beginner, behavioural patterns and learning and coping mechinisms for both the dog and the human involved. 

It is impossible to cover everything in detail in a morning but the seminar will give the attendee a great overview and better understanding. 

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Certificated Dog First Aid

What you will learn

  • How to examine a dog correctly and safely

  • Scene assessment – keeping yourself safe whilst helping the dog

  • What a Dog First Aiders Role is – what you can and can’t do

  • Canine CPR – NOT the same as with a human!

  • How to act if a dog starts choking

  • Dog Fights – how do you split up two dogs wanting to kill each other??

  • Different Types of Bleeds and what to do

  • Drowning Dogs – when can they drown and how to react

  • Which burns to treat and how

  • Heat stroke – a killer

  • Road Traffic Accidents

Dealing With & Understanding Fear/Anxiety In Dogs

This workshop is designed to give the attendee a good basic understanding of the practical mechanisms that can be used to help dogs with specific fears or genralized anxiety. The workshop will be mainly theory based but with several case studies and lots of practical demostrations with real dogs and their owners. These dogs will suffer with different fears and or anxieties, they will also all be at different stages of their rehabilitation.

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