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£102 for a 6 session term held over 12 weeks


The recall course covers the ultimate foundations required to build a great recall with your dog. The foundation of repetition, bond-building, handler value and practice are vastly underestimated. 


This course will cover teaching recall from scratch; working towards getting a recall even with distractions. 


The course consists of 6 sessions held every other week over a 12-week period. The first session will take place at the centre but without your dogs, as it will be a more theory-based session. The following classes will be held at the centre in either an enclosed dog paddock or run. The class sizes are small (maximum 6 people) ensuring a customized course that takes your requirements into account. The cost of the course is £96.


This course would suit a handler and dog who has not yet let their young dog off the lead, dogs who have learnt to hunt and stray, dogs who will not return to their handlers when distracted by other dogs/birds/wildlife etc. 

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Recall with Josie

£32 for 25 minutes

Josie is one of our senior instructors at Sussex County Dog Training, bringing a wealth of experience and passion to the world of dog training for over a decade. Josie is committed to helping dog owners forge strong, positive connections with their dogs.


Committed to assisting owners in achieving their training goals, Josie offers personalised guidance, tailoring her approach to meet individual needs. She believes that dog ownership and training should be a source of joy and satisfaction, and her teaching style reflects this philosophy in creating enjoyable and effective learning experiences.


Outside of Sussex County Dog Training, Josie shares her home with her family and four dogs and actively competes in Dog Agility. 


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