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Our online school is a great place for those of you who want to work on elements of their dog training at their own pace. The most important thing to remember when doing an online course is everyones dogs will learn at different paces because every dog is different.

We've made sure we have support for our online clients just like we would if we saw them at the centre. We have so many ways to help them either though the Members Only Facebook Groups or the weekly/bi-weekly Q&A sessions. 

It is SO important to us that we are helping and supporting our clients as best we can because we are passionate about creating better relationships between owners and their dogs, and making a difference to their lives.

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Do More With Your Dog

A subscription to our ever growing library of courses, specially put together to help build a lasting relationship between you and your dog.

Heavenly Heelwork

This course is specifically focussed on loose lead walking. It will get you excited for walks with your dog and you will soon forget the days of being pulled around by your dog.

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Lifetime 'Leave Its'

This course is specifically focussed on teaching your dog to 'leave it' & 'drop'. This will help in a whole range of situations, whether it be to leave something they're interested in on a walk or they need to drop something you don't want them to have.

Canine Enrichment

This course has a large range of activities and boredom breakers. It is perfect to keep your dog entertained & happy while you are busy doing other things. 

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