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Hoopers 121

Unlike Agility, Hoopers has no jumps. Instead, ground-level hoops are used for the dog to run through.

Hoopers With Carole Cripps

£30 for 25 minutes

Carole started Hoopers training with Miranda late 2019, then when the first lockdown struck she found some online courses and got truly hooked. She was then moved into the competition group and in their first competition, they had clear rounds and bonus points.


In 2021 she wanted to become a judge which meant she needed to become an instructor first. After assisting Hannah in her classes, she passed the Canine Hoopers World Instructor Course is now qualified to start teaching!

Carole has also attended 'Discover Dogs' and demonstrated Hoopers with her dog.

She has a real passion for Hoopers and loves to help everyone reach their goal with the sport.

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