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Trick & Enrichment Training Classes
£72 for a 6 week term

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Why Tricks?

Tricks is not just about training fun behaviours... it also helps develop and build a stronger relationship between you and your dog. You can also use some tricks in real-life situations... for example, using 'on the box' can help you teach your dog to jump into the boot of the car. Even teaching a trick like 'paw' can help if you need to assess their paws for any reason. There are lots of ways tricks can help you in real life plus they're super fun!!

Why Enrichment?

Dogs have been bred for thousands of years to perform specific roles and work alongside us humans. Realistically most of our modern-day pooches are pets and no longer have the job they would have been bred for, but still maintain the instincts and behaviours that would have made them fantastic workers.

Providing our pet dogs with appropriate opportunities to express their natural, instinctual behaviours can drastically improve their wellbeing and happiness. It also can improve our own happiness! A dog with an outlet to perform their natural doggy behaviours will be less likely to be bored, destructive or problematic to live with.

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