Hannah Payne

Hannah has been working for us for about 3 and a half years although she has been doing Agility from a very young age. She has competed for many years in the YKC ring at Crufts and internationally for the country in several events.

Hannahs classes currently run on a Tuesday Daytime and she has a passion for teaching Foundation dogs so that she can watch them grow in to their future potential. 

Josie Spurling

Josie has worked for Sussex County for 7 years this year. She is the senior trainer for the sport and teaches the majority of the classes on various days and nights of the week varying from foundation through to competition level. Josie Currently has two of her own dogs at a competitive level in the sports and has recently won the Novice Guild Challenge with her young collie. 

Josie is very proud to say that for the past two years she has been selected to be a coach for Agility Team GB and has travelled internationally working with handlers aged 8-18 to develop their skills and talent for the sport.